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"Fra-gee-lay" The Real Christmas Story # 2
January 08, 2019 Rusty Guenther

Part 2 of our Real Christmas Story series that examines the Biblical Christmas story through the lens of the popular movie and television show "A Christmas Story". This week we discuss Ralphie's dad and all the trials and tribulations he faces in the movie and how that related to Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus Christ. Joseph is a character who usually gets pushed to the sides of our nativity scenes and Christmas musicals. There are no songs about Joseph and we know very little about him; yet without Joseph and his obedience to God in a very trying and difficult circumstance, we would have no nativity. Join us to discover how God used Joseph to fulfill numerous Old Testament prophecies concerning Jesus' birth and how his example of obedience can still teach us a few lessons today. 

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