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"Blessed and Highly Favored?" Season of Thanksgiving Series
November 04, 2018 Rusty Guenther

For those who have grown up in the church or around the church, you might be unaware of how strange some of the most commonly used phrases sound to those outside of the church. We have a tendency to speak "Christianeze" and cling to our own terminology and catch phrases that might not be communicating what we hope. Think about some of these phrases like; "hedge of protection" "whole armor of God" "Traveling Mercies" "unspoken prayer request" "washed in the blood" "speaking in tongues" and even "born again". If we have to take time to further explain what a term means we might be better off using a different term or phrase. One of the most popular phrases in "christianeze" today is "Blessed and highly favored" and if you have been around Christ followers for any length of time you have probably heard it expressed. There is nothing wrong with the phrase, it comes straight from the Angel Gabriel's lips to Mary, the mother of Jesus, in Luke's gospel; but when we use it in our everyday vocabulary - what do we mean and better yet, what are we communicating? Could we be miscommunicating what it really means to be "blessed" by God, or "favored" by God and in could that have an effect on how we express our gratitude and thanksgiving? Join us as we explore what it really means to be "blessed and highly favored". From Psalms 23

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