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"Unknown but not Forgotten" This is Us Sermon Series # 24
September 09, 2018 Rusty Guenther
Have you ever considered your legacy? What will people think about you when you are gone, or will they even think about you? What about 50 years from now, or 75? When you think of the great examples of those who were faithful to God in the Bible it is easy to come up with the names like Moses, Gideon, Joshua, David, Nehemiah, Elijah; but the vast majority of people whose legacy we follow are unnamed and really unknown. They served God, remained faithful and sought to do his will; yet to our history they seemed to have been forgotten. But God's point of view is much different than our recorded history. To God, each of those faithful forgotten were valued treasures, remembered and rewarded for their service and faithfulness. What a great encouragement for many of us today who can get discouraged or feel like we are all alone, or even underappreciated. Join us as we look at Nehemiah 11 and gain some encouragement to press on.
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