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"Discovering Your Worth" This is Us Sermon Series #22
August 26, 2018 Rusty Guenther
How do we determine our worth? Is it our income? our talent? our abilities? For the Christ follower our value or worth should not be defined by who we are, or what we can do, or have done but rather "whose" we are. From our story in Nehemiah we discover that the Israelites used the old broken and burned bricks from the destroyed wall to rebuild the new wall. They literally redeemed those bricks that had laid around for 170 years and which most people had considered worthless and gave them value. They formed the foundation of all that was new. God does the same thing for each of us. Even at our worst, God never stopped seeing our worth and value to Him - we just needed to be redeemed. Join us as we discover the beauty and joy of redemption and how valuable each of us really are to God. From Nehemiah 4:1-2, Nehemiah 6:15-16.
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