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"What are you Hungry For?" This is Us Sermon Series #19
August 05, 2018 Rusty Guenther
In Nehemiah chapter 6 we discover that Nehemiah has seen his dream/vision become a reality. The walls of Jerusalem are complete and in record time. In Chapter 7 we learn that after completing the task, the people go back to their villages, jobs and normal routines, yet something is still not right. They had their security, life was returning to normal, but something was still missing. In Chapter 8 as they gather back in Jerusalem to celebrate "Rosh Hashana", the Jewish new year, they are confronted with the reality that what is missing and has been missing for 170 years is their relationship with God. Join us as we examine how our appetites and desires dictate our decision making and "what we are hungry for" is always revealed by our actions. In the message, we discuss the growing threat of a "Spiritual Anorexia" in the church and in many Christ followers lives as we are in danger of losing our spiritual hunger for the power and presence of God. How does it happen? How can you get it back? Is it even important? From Nehemiah 8.
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