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"The Impossible Becomes Reality" This is Us Sermon Series # 15
July 01, 2018 Rusty Guenther
Nehemiah gathered forty four diverse groups of people and put them to work rebuilding a mile and a half wall that used to encircle the city of Jerusalem. People from all types of backgrounds and walks of life, people with no real training in construction, and under constant threats of attack; he led them to build. In 52 days, less than 2 months, they had completed the wall to a height of 8 feet or half of its original height. For 170 years the walls had been nothing more than rubble that people walked over and ignored and then this stranger with a vision had called them together to accomplish the impossible and he did it in less time than it takes most churches to put a committee together. How? How did this seemingly impossible task become a reality in such a short amount of time? Join us to find out the secret for witnessing the impossible become reality and along the way you might just discover the keys to moving forward with your own God given dream. From Nehemiah 3
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