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"Can Dreams Become Nightmares" This is Us Sermon Series #14
June 24, 2018 Rusty Guenther
It is all to common to find Christians and Churches pursue a God given dream or vision, only to find it turn into a nightmare along the journey. From losing sight of our true purpose to allowing opposition or distractions to get us sidetracked; History is littered with the stories of how well intentioned people and churches go from moving forward to falling by the wayside. In this message, we examine the many detours and dangers that Nehemiah faced as he pursued his vision. Sometimes it is even the most well intentioned thoughts and ideas that can turn our dreams into nightmares. This is a great warning for anyone who is willing to boldly step out on faith and trust God to see the "what could be" become a reality. From Nehemiah 5:14-19.
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