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"Getting from Here to There" # 3 This is Us Sermon Series #13
June 03, 2018 Rusty Guenther
As we continue our discussion on following our God given dreams and visions, this morning we discuss how we can recognize when God is opening a door, or providing a means for our dreams to become reality. So many churches and Christians become focused on God working in the same way He has worked in the past, that we miss all of the new opportunities and open doors right in front of us. We examine how God provided for Nehemiah thought the most unexpected place as he pursued his dream. We also discuss the opposition and conflicts you will face once you begin to go through the open doors that God provides. Join us for an encouraging look at how you can identify when, where and how God is working all around you to provide a means for you to fulfill your God given dream. From Nehemiah 2:1-9
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