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"Membership Has Its Privileges" This is Us Sermon Series #8
April 22, 2018 Rusty Guenther
We continue our "This is Us" sermon series by examining the "how" and "why" of the various things we do in the church by discussing how we evaluate church health or church success. How do we measure success and by what standards? It is difficult to evaluate the success of a program or ministry unless we first examine why we do those programs or ministries. Do we do them because their is a Biblical mandate or it was something the early church exampled? Or do we do them because it is a preference (the way we like it, or way it has always been done)? Or do we do them because of pragmatism (it works, or has worked somewhere else)? We can't honestly evaluate something until we investigate the "why's". This message examines the principle of church membership. Is joining a local church a preference, pragmatic or a biblical mandate? What does the Bible say? Why is it important? Join us to discover the answer. From 1 Peter 5:1-4,Hebrews 13:17.
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