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"The Right Stuff"; This is Us Sermon Series #7
April 15, 2018 Rusty Guenther
We continue our examination of who we are as "the church" by looking at the first church and what where their guiding motives and methods. As we plan for the future and who we want to be as a church and a Christian community in ten, twenty or even fifty years; the best place to start is by examining where we have come from, where we have been and to allow those lessons to become guardrails that guide us towards the future. We have an example in Acts 2 of the most effective and Biblical church growth model in history; yet many fail to apply those founding principles as they plan for the future, choosing instead to chase trends, fads and programs. Join us as we discover how the secret to the churches future might just be found in our past. From Acts 2:42-47.
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