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First Baptist Blowing Rock
"The Keeper of the Bones" This is Us Sermon Series #6
April 08, 2018 Rusty Guenther
We continue the sermon series "This is Us" calling us to examine who we are as a church, what we believe, what is our vision for the future and how are we going to accomplish it; this morning we examine "Where we came from", our heritage. Using the story of Josephs bones in Genesis, Exodus and Joshua, we discuss the importance of passing along our story and how Christ has impacted that story to the next generation. Building on the history of how FBC Blowing Rock came into existence 115 years ago, we are challenged by what it might look like 115 years from now and our role in that future. The reason so many churches are in self preservation mode is because they have lost sight of their original mission and message and have resorted to programs and personalities to try and stay relevant. We can never understand where God is leading us, if we do not understand and remember where we have come from. Join us as we discover the importance of the "Keepers of the Bones", not only in the history of the early nation of Israel, but in our own churches history and future. Psalms 78:1-7
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