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"The Priesthood of all Believers" This is Us sermon series #3
February 25, 2018 Rusty Guenther
We continue our examination of "who we are and what we believe" as Christians and the Church by examining what it means to be "Baptist". This message looks at the Baptist principle of "The priesthood of believers" and examines how it evolved from the reformation principle of "Solus Christus" and it's effects on our ecclesiology, or how we govern and minister as a church. While the idea that Christ is the only mediator between God and Man is not strictly a Baptist belief, when linked together with the principle that every Christian is a "priest" it forms the basis for our congregational form of governance as well as "who does" and "how we do" the ministry of the church. It also reveals the great privilege of direct access to God that every Christian has as well as the great responsibility that comes with that privilege. From 1 Timothy 2:1-6 and 1 Peter 2:4,9-10.
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