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"How Hope Overcomes The World" Living Sacrifices Series #16
December 03, 2017 Rusty Guenther
It seems like you can't watch the news or get online without being overwhelmed with acts of "Evil" happening all around the world; church shootings, hunger and homelessness, marriages and homes dissolving and hate filled protest. We have a tendency to want to ask why? what happens that causes these events or these acts? The answer is simple; we live in an evil and fallen world and trying to understand it won't change it, trying to rationalize it won't change it, yet on this first weekend of Advent we find an answer; Hope! Paul closes Romans chapter 12 by reminding us that responding to evil with evil will never stop it or change it - the only thing that can overcome evil is good - and the Bible tells us that the ultimate good that overcomes evil is Jesus Christ. As followers of Christ, we do not live like those who have no hope, who fear evil,but with the understanding that evil can be overcome and one day it will be eliminated. Listen in to find out what that looks like in our everyday lives and how Hope can change everything. From Romans 12:21
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