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"Slip Sliding Away" Living Sacrifices Series #14
November 19, 2017 Rusty Guenther
As the Apostle Paul continues to paint a picture of how the followers of Christ are supposed to live from Romans 12, he moves from our relationship with a specific group of people in verses 14-16, to a more general audience in verse 17. While at first glance it may seem to be just a simple instruction to "always do what is right" but when you examine the context and his word choices from the Greek language; it unlocks the keys to a lifestyle that has the potential to transform our culture. In a culture that has embraced Moral Relativism where what is "acceptable behavior" or how we define "right or wrong" changes and shifts according to popular opinion, our circumstances or the situations we face; Paul challenges Christ followers to a different standard. From Romans 12:17
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