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"Pride and Prejudice" Living Sacrifice Series #13
November 12, 2017 Rusty Guenther
We continue looking at character traits that will help or hinder our ability to put into practice "Blessing those who persecute us, bless and do not curse" from Romans 12:14. Much like stretching before you run or exercise; the Apostle Paul gives us some traits that will help stretch us spiritually and soften our hearts to get us to the point that we can learn to bless those difficult people in our lives - those who have betrayed us, bullied us, hurt or disappointed us. Learning to do this goes against our human nature and everything we are taught in our culture, so it is not easy, but for the Christ follower, it is not an option. In this message we look at both Pride and Prejudice and how prevalent and controlling they are in our lives and how they can both become a huge barrier to our being obedient to Christ command. We also discuss the fact that our ability to "bless those who persecute us" is not as much for those we are blessing as it is for us. From Romans 12:14-16
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